Why Tarmacadam ?

Tarmac is one of the most popular materials for drives and paths. It is cost effective, durable and can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation. It can also be easily maintained, and in cases of stains and damage, can be easily repaired.Tarmacadam, which is often incorrectly referred to as Tarmacâ„¢ is perfect for areas to be trafficked by vehicles, such as driveways and forecourts, and can also be used for paths, playgrounds etc. However tarmacadam is not recommended for paths and patios. The wearing course (the uppermost surface) may be coloured, several colours are available if requested.

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Specialists In Domestic Driveways

Specialists in domestic driveways P&R Letchworth Paving also have the capacity to construct new roads, car parks, or even tennis courts from scratch, and can offer a variety of surfaces to suit every requirement. From durable heavy duty Tarmac and asphalt able to withstand heavy traffic usage, to the more decorative smooth and coloured Tarmac finishes associated with the domestic driveway, patio or path.

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We are fully equipped with an extensive range of equipment to undertake all types of work from hand to machine laid, including commercial, industrial and domestic. Whatever your needs, we can provide the complete Tarmac package. ​ For peace of mind, you are advised to use only companies using ministry of transport materials to ensure a quality foundation of the installation, therefore we are confident that by using top quality products along with an experienced, competent installation team you really cannot go wrong