Tar & Chipping

This type of re-surfacing is hot liquid tar, machine sprayed and coated with a choice of size and colour of stone to finish. Tar and chipping is suitable for rejuvenating existing tarmac and concrete finishes to give extra life for driveways at an economical price. For a new driveway this will be resurfaced over a sub-base of base tarmac or a two coat finish over a hardcore base. The finish is a natural and softer alternative to tarmac and may be more suitable for some locations.

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Agricultural, Business and Residential

Specialist Surface dressing (Tar & Chipping) and Tarmac road surfacing contractors, providing new dressings for old roads. Ideal for agricultural, business and residential purposes. Wilson and Sons Contractors ltd is a family business that are dedicated to meeting our customers needs. Whether it be surface dressing, Tarmacadam, Pot hole repair, or the widening and / or construction of a new road.

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As specialists in Tarmacadam and surface dressing, known also as tar and chipping; we aim to provide a great finish for all our clients. Asphalt driveways and tarmac driveways, plus Tar and Chip in all shapes and sizes, your needs can be met with a helpful and friendly workforce.